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This URL serves as a summative visual teaching portfolio and professional artist portfolio for:

Professor M. Kathleen Colussy, M.F.A.

"Education is not the pilling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills or abilities - that is training or instruction - but rather is making visible what is hidden as a seed."
Thomas Moore 

Mission Statement: To equip and empower artists and designers to steward their time, talents, and creativity as godly cross-cultural ambassadors serving with integrity,and excellence,  locally & globally in the market place.

Personal Bio at a Glance:
* Woman of integrity, creativity, discernment and zeal.

* Career College Professor/ Textbook Author - strong research skills

* Strong cross-cultural understanding - ethnographer

* Experienced Facilitator of Student International Study Tours

* Experience travel following the apparel  production process to 71 countries, 5 continents, 47 U.S. states .

Personal websites & blogs: (Professor / Teaching Portfolio (Life coaching for visual artist & designers)

www.The-Art-of-Intercession.blogspot (Prophetic Art Advocacy blog)



Thank you for taking the time to review my work.
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All work is copyrighted and subsequently may not be used without express written permission.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Teaching Portfolio

This URL serves as a summative visual teaching portfolio and professional artist portfolio for:

Professor M. Kathleen Colussy, M.F.A.

Mission Statement: To equip and empower artists and designers to steward their time, talents and creativity as godly cross-cultural ambassadors serving with integrity,excellence, and creatively  locally & globally in the market place.

"Education is not the pilling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills or abilities - that is training or instruction - but rather is making visible what is hidden as a seed." Thomas Moore


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 My Linkedin Profile: K Colussy

Thank you for taking the time to review my work.

All work is copyrighted and subsequently may not be used without express permission.

Teaching Philosophy

Below is my personal adaptation for Blooms' taxonomy.


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Awards, Recognition and Community Service

During my teaching tenure, I have always been involved in numerous community activities such as:

This includes organizing our departments fashion shows, prepared students for national competitions, raised funds for local charities, conducted a plethora of workshops for the fashion industry as well as for the greater educational community.

Facilitated the years student International Study Tours that followed the apparel production process.

I have enjoyed being a regular "fashionista" guest on our local NBC news affiliate where I have always utilized this as a platform to showcase the talent of my students. (See photos below)

Consistently scored high marks from student evaluations as well as been nominated numerous times for Who's Who in Teaching.

Twice I have received the Visual Arts Professor of the Year award for the State of Florida.

Recent Artist Statement and Abstract

Below is the artist statement for my inclusion in a The Multiversal Group Show show running concurrently with ART BASEL in Miami Dec. 3-6th 2009 @ The American Legion 64th Ave. & Biscayne Blvd in the Miami Modern Distrcit.

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Fine Art: Examples - Hand Made Books

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” St. Augustine

For the last five years, I have been working on a series of handmade fine art books.

The work is Mixed-media, including but not limited to: Photography, painting, surface design and pottery.

The work can be categorized as Advocate Art also sometime called Prophetic Art.

I have been blessed to have traveled to 71 countries on 5 continents where I have had the honor of researching and photographing the country and the cultures first hand.

My traveling has taught me the lengths that God goes to show His love for the nations. My passion is to capture a glimpse of His heart in my art.

The series is entitled: TREASURES OUT OF DARKNESS.

The goal of this series of handmade fine art books has been to reveal a glimpse into the lives and hearts of the people I met as well as of the countries and cultures that have impacted me in as an artist, an author, educator and woman of prayer.
Each piece in this series is as unique as the culture or country it represents. I have discovered that the heart and soul of a nation lies within it's people. The photos taken have attempted to capture the often dueling realities of a nation struggling to maintain their beloved and time honored traditions while attempting to thrive in the 21st century global economy.

 ARTIST STATEMENT for this show:

This current series of visual narratives came as a result of my quiet time reflecting on the countries I have traveled to.

The stories are of real people and situation I encountered, which I have come to refer to as my God-sightings. 

The muse for each book was not a moment of fleeting of aesthetic inspiration, they were birth from my grappling with the dueling realities I encounter as I traveled.

They are ultimately about MY journey and how God used each trip to melt and humble me to see the true heart of God towards several difficult issues. He gently challenged my sensibilities, confronted my hidden prejudice or unmasks my hidden presumptions and assumptions. You see the books are not just about the issues of human trafficking, or child prostitution...they are also about me and my heart.

Inevitably, God began to reveal to me, His heart by putting a face to an issue that some might define as culturally acceptable, but in reality at the core was morally wrong.

As I begin to take ownership and address my own issues of complacency, apathy and selfishness, I soon found myself being overwhelmed with HIS compassion for the people I meet that He was using to soften my own heart.
Within each book, I simply attempted to capture visually the dueling realities I encountered. 

These images become my prayers made visible reflecting my personal prayerful dialog between me and my God over issues I encountered, and ones that you are now the voyeur to.

What God speaks to YOUR heart as you view my work, is between the two of you..

Fashion- Fine Art Examples: The Kimono

The images seen within this first section are images from my one woman show entitled:
The exhibit was held at the Mark K. Wheeler Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. The show consisted of 27 kimonos that were created by  non-traditionally methods of making art.

This body of work includes and is not limited to the use of photography, collage, dye sublimation on a variety of different substrates, surface design and hand finishing.

Below is the signature piece from the show entitled: Stairway to heaven

Artist at show and book signing.

Fashion or Art, Forrest or Trees
(Oil Painting, (bottom left) scanned and digitally printed on Satin) It's Time ( photography- collage printed on chiffon)

Original images as digital collage seen below

Son of Greece, digitally printed on matte jersey (below)

Voice in the wilderness, digitally printed on Sateen
The Wilderness Blooms, digitally printed on 100% Cotton
Open Doors, digitally printed on Polyester
Closed Doors, digitally printed on Polyester
There is a Glass Ceiling, digitally printed on Chiffon
(Images of the gallery)

Images seen below are from my participation in a show sponsored by Florida Atlantic University and Broward College at the
"Top of the Tower" Art Gallery 
The  group show was entitled: Altered States.
The first image is entitled "Open Portal" (it was also used for the the shows promotion card.) Circumcise my heart... digitally printed on Organza
Open Portal, digitally printed on Matte Jersey

(Be sure to click the link below OLDER POSTS to view more of my art and portolio on this site) 

Fine Art - My Photography

I consider myself a people person. Therefore, the subjects I choose to shoot clearly reflect this fascination with places and faces!

I love capturing people in the moment. As a veteran faculty who has facilitated 28 years of student International Study Tours, I have been fortunate to have personally traveled to seventy-one nations around the global, this includes most of Europe, the Far East, Africa and most of the Middle East.

You might recognize several of the images, they are from Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Botswana, Qatar, India, China, France and Thailand just to name a few.

Many of the portraits seen here have been included within my handmade book series entitled: Treasures out of darkness  as well as my portrait series entitled: See Me